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Antelope Web is now Websites For Anything

What Our Clients Say…

“Blown away from start to finish. Customer experience was very satisfying. I was introduced to the team and knew right away that they had a system for taking great care of clients. Everything I asked them to do, was done efficiently and to a T.”

Joe Ball

Antelope Web is a fantastic web design company to work with. They are very quick and efficient with all your website needs. They also keep you up to date with the work in progress. I would highly recommend this company for all things related website design and internet marketing.


After exhaustive evaluation of several web-design companies, had the pleasure of working with this team in developing a perfect website that had strong (marketing) customer-centric perspective. So many websites read like the “history channel” and they delivered something that avoided this common flaw! Well executed start to finish!

Louise Mansolf

Website Design for Small Businesses
near Milford Connecticut

Do you want a “pretty face” or a website that works? Our priority is creating a website that’s effective. We know the specific strategies that work for *small* businesses. And yeah, we make it look good too!

High Converting
Website Design

A down website is frustrating, and a hacked website is embarrassing! We offer not just comprehensive maintenance, but a Secure Site Guarantee. We can also take care of content updates and changes.

Hosting, Maintenance
& Support

You know those simple things every small business *should* be doing? Asking customers to leave reviews online. Sending a newsletter to stay front-of-mind. Are you doing them? We can take care of that.

Prospect & Customer

Web Design


We’ve got lots of happy clients in Milford, New Haven, and the surrounding countryside.

Who We Serve…

Above all, you just want your business to keep running smoothly. You worked hard to get it here. You need a website that supports what’s already working for your business, helps you keep capturing customers, and doesn’t waste you or your employees time. We specialize in that.

Established Business Owners

Is the company website outdated? Frustrating?… Embarrassing? Does the “website guy” never get back to you? Or worse… do you have to figure it out again yourself every time? We can help.

Office Managers

Starting a business is like entering whole new world. It’s exciting, right? (It’s a WOAH-load of work, right?) Are marketing, strategy, design, and coding skills you do not have time to master? We can help.

New and Growing Business Owners

Antelope Web is now
Websites For Anything!

In 2021 Antelope Web became part of Websites For Anything! We’re excited to provide you with half-day response times and one to two day turnarounds. We’re focused on helping small businesses use their websites to build strong relationships with their prospects and customers.

Who We Are

I’m excited to have sold Antelope Web to my good friend, Josh Walton. I’ve known Josh for many years, he and I have passed business back and forth may times and I have full faith and confidence in his team’s ability to take care of my clients.

I will be working as a consultant with the Websites For Anything team in the coming months to ensure a smooth transition for you.

Greyson Schwing
President, Antelope Web

We’ve expanded our small team to make sure we can meet your needs and exceed your expectations. I am super excited to welcome each Antelope Web client to our Websites For Anything family! I look forward to meeting you, learning more about your business, and helping you get the most from your website too!

Josh Walton
President, Websites For Anything

The WFA Team

Michelle Sioson
Support Lead

Karla Rosales
Project Coordinator

Phill Solow
Strategy & Sales

and more!

Want to learn more about the transition?

Visit the page dedicated to answering your questions at

Experience Matters…

Established in 2012

242+ Websites Created

What Makes Us Different?

At Websites For Anything we specialize in websites for businesses with 1-25 employees.

The Relationship

Micro-businesses survive and thrive on word-of-mouth and referrals. Our mission is to turn your website into a tool that helps you build better, stronger relationships with more of your prospects and customers.

The High-Converting

The first page of your micro-business ‘ website is critical. There are specific strategic elements and design practices that work. We apply these to every website we create, so your website can be more effective at turning prospects into customers.


There are several things every small business should do – but we’re often too busy. Or you might think that the only alternative is to break the bank. The reality is that what works for a small business is different from that of a big business. We help you keep connecting in ways that are effective at the small scale (and budget) of a micro-business.

Lovin’ on Milford…

With so many of our clients in Milford, we’re looking for ways to help small businesses in the area! If you have suggestions, please let us know! Here’s some ways we’re trying to help out…



Free Website Review Video

There are 16 things your small business website must have to approach maximum effectiveness. You can read all about them and then think through how to apply them to your business and your website.

OR, you can let us do that for you. In your custom Website Review Video we’ll critique your website on-screen, point out the best opportunities for improvement, and show examples of how it should be done.

Best of all, it’s a video. So you can watch it whenever is convenient for you.